Lessons for Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, and Effects Pedals taught privately and through Presidio Hill School.

Approach: “Personally, I hated taking music lessons–they always seemed like a drag, focused as they inevitably were on music I didn’t really like or care about. Yeah, there’s some basics to get down, but I’m all about you, the student, playing the kind of music you like and are psyched about asap. Songs you like, styles you like, etc. If you actually reach the point where you’ve mastered all that, then, maybe, it’ll be time to move on to music you don’t like as much…”

Effects Pedal Lessons: “Like many musicians, I became intrigued by the potential of effects pedals to expand what I could do with instruments, but I spent YEARS and years and years hopelessly tangled up in them, wondering why they weren’t working, getting them to work only to find that what worked this time wouldn’t work next time, and sllloooowly, eventually (yet still), figuring out how not to get snagged in the innumerable pitfalls inherent in these sorts of things. Now I’ve actually got a rep for being pretty good at it, but It took me ages, and man, I gotta say I WISH there’d been someone around to give the kind of effects pedal guidance I’m offering here–I would’ve been spared years of agony and heartbreak, and been a lot better a lot sooner. Effects pedals (distortions, delays, phasers, loopers, etc) can exponentially expand what you can do with your instrument (or voice) …once you know enough not to be hamstrung by them. I can get you there a helluva lot faster then you would spending years stumbling blindly through trial-and-error like I did. A lot of what your favorite musicians do that seems ‘magical’ or the result of some unearthly genius can actually be done easily, by you, with the right pedals, at the right settings, in the right order–pedals that, these days, are readily available anywhere. I’ll show what these pedals can do, show you how to avoid frustrating technical pitfalls, and help you get that sound you’ve been after, as well as sounds/feels/textures/ you had no idea were actually in your grasp. The only possible downside is that you’ll kick yourself for not having done it sooner.”


1 Response to Teaching

  1. Dean says:

    Hi Josh, I watched you play live last night in Winnipeg Mb and must say I am inspired by your playing and creativity! I didn’t get a chance to get close enough to you on stage but was wondering what the red pedal you were using? You were using it a lot alongside a whammy pedal and a line 6 echo delay i believe (it had two buttons and three nobs up top). It didn’t seem to be a looper but possibly? I seen you had a boss dd-6 or some variant so i’m guessing some of your sounds come from playing multiple delays off of one another but i was blown away with how some lingered and came in later, wicked!

    I am a young aspiring guitarist and have spent countless hours and hours and hours on effects pedals and would really like to experiment with some of your setup just to get some ambient sounds. I am very passionate about music and have had to put it aside for a good chunk of my life to provide by other means for my family but am trying to get into a scene now myself.

    I have no idea how you punched in and out of the mix with such ease between the ambient accompaniment and the heavier riffs of your songs with Annie Girl and the Flight but it was fantastic. Your showmanship was refreshing and i could tell you put a lot of work into your craft so i understand if you want to keep it a secret! However, I really would appreciate any advice you could give, as i know your busy much like everyone else I also appreciate the time to hear me out.

    Thanks again,


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